Why Should Small and Mid-size Businesses Use BPM Software?

In every business organization, irrespective of its size and scope of operation, the business process management is very important. The business process is the order and the way to accomplish each task necessary to deliver the best customer service and other functions of the business organization. This is exactly what BPM software for small and Mid Size businesses do.

According to a BPTrend report, “The total value of the Business Process Management market is expected to rise above the $13 billion marks by 2021, and 86% of companies have shown some commitment to BPM since 2016, and that number will continue to grow.”

To those who are unfamiliar with how BPM software works or is being used in a business organization, this article is for you. Also, for those that understand the use of BPM software and want to increase their knowledge about it to enable them to deploy the BPM software in their business activities, especially small and mid-size business owners, this article is for you.

Firstly, what is Business Process Management or BPM?

Business process management entails the general tasks and activities in an organization. It, however, focuses more on repetitive and day-to-day organizational processes and activities that occur in a predictable direction. It also provides business solutions that have already been foreseen.

Business Process Management (BPM) can be summarized as all the processes involved in managing a business or the business solution to organizational tasks. However, for this article, there is the need to give a broad explanation of what Business Process Management involves.

Business process management is regarded as an organizational discipline or field where such an organization reflects and analyzes its activities and processes involved in these activities in the past. After that, analyze the present situation and map out areas of improvement for effective and efficient (future) best practices in the organization.

The tools and software developed to provide business solutions in an organization are called the BPM software. That is, BPM software is developed to carry out business process management (activities explained above).

The BPM software has been developed to discover, model, analyze, measure, optimize, improve, and digitize business processes and activities. This means that the best BPM software is programmed to carry out series and sequences of tasks and activities for a business to operate or integrated into the work process to provide business solutions.

At this juncture, it is important to highlight the reasons why Small and Mid-size businesses should use BPM software. They are;

Smarter management

One foremost reason why Small and Mid-size businesses should use BPM software is for smarter management. Management involves leadership and controlling of employees and their activities. This can be an arduous task if done manually. However, with the use of BPM software, active management is easier and smarter. You can monitor every employee and the way they are handling their various functions. You can also control their operations on daily and repetitive jobs. With BPM software, you manage by exception and reduce micromanagement; there is no need to remind any employee to do their job, you do not have to worry about who gets what done and who fails to perform their task. All activities are digitized, mapped out, and assigned to the appropriate team.

Organizational visibility

Small and mid-size businesses are in the stage of struggling for visibility and general acceptance. They need well-documented processes and streamlined workflow to improve organizational visibility. When an organization is finding it hard to manage its internal affairs and get the job done at the right time, it eventually disrupts their external image. This is why there is the need to incorporate BPM software to help manage and fine-tune the day-to-day activities involved in moving a business organization forward. Visibility is very important for businesses, especially small and medium-sized that are just building their reputation. Manual work processes will frustrate their efforts and will make them prone to error, this will in turn create a bad image for the business organization.

Elimination of waste and delay

The use of BPM software allows you to detect and eliminate waste and delay in a business organization. Some activities, individuals or mechanisms are in place that causes delay and waste in a business organization and are very hard to detect except with BPM software.

BPM software helps to organize tasks chronologically and logically. The entire activities and processes involved are streamlined, making it easy to detect errors. It is easier to see the mistakes using BPM software and correct them. Wastage is also bad and might be intentional or unintentional; whatever the case may be, the BPM software helps to restore the anomaly and channel the wasted resources and effort to other tasks and activities.

Standardize communication and information control

In this tweet by Aria Lee, the BPM software is integrated with project management features that improve communication while accurately recording and analyzing data for more effective decision-making.

Even though the employees in a small and mid-size business are not many, there are still cases of these businesses having issues with communication and information control. There is a delay in passing information across units and acting on them. Confidential information also gets leaked with little or no control over it. All these issues can be tackled and forestalled with BPM software.

Businesses that use the BPM software have a standardized communication channel, the ways your employees send messages within and outside the organization, filing of documents and preparation of reports are organized. Also, the storage of information and data is standardized, and access to them is controlled. What information should be collected, who should collect and store them, which folder or storage device they should be stored are all defined using BPM software.

For all business organizations, effective communication and collaboration between different departments, units, and persons are critical. And with the use of BPM software, collaboration among teams is easier and faster. Transferring files and documents, meetings, briefings, and other collaborative activities in an organization has been made seamless, and communications within & outside the business organization are digitized using BPM software.

Also, clear communication is ensured, the sender sends the message, and the receiver accesses it on a single platform; this eliminates ambiguity.

Improved administrative and management control


The BPM software helps to improve administrative and management control. Organizations that use BPM software are able to define the processes and activities to be followed by all employees and members of staff in their day-to-day activities. This makes it easy for the management and senior management officers to control the actions and processes involved in carrying out the tasks assigned to every employee. Also, the BPM software enables the management to have better knowledge of what procedure works best for the business organization, ways to improve the already existing procedures and merge them together in the business organization.

Duplication of function and lackadaisical attitude of the staff has characterized the manual way of running business activities. The top hierarchy of the business organization has little or no knowledge of how the subordinates work. However, with BPM software, individual functions are now spelled out and monitored across the board. The strict control and monitoring tool embedded in the BPM software has made every staff from top to bottom have a better attitude towards their job and assured efficiency.

Workflow automation

One core reason a small and mid-size business organization needs a BPM software is that the software is designed to automate the entire working process in your business organization. As a manager, you can automate all the tasks and activities in an organization or those prone to human error. This brings about effectiveness and efficiency.

The best BPM software enables the organization to automate its entire or core workflow, lets you decide which activities should be digitized, cuts the cost of unnecessary protocols, and reduces manual processes.

Workflow automation is at the center of business process management. The processes involved in workflow automation are the same in the digitization process. Therefore, the gradual switch from manual to digital workflow is made easy with the integration of BPM software in the business organization.

Actualization of organizational goals and objectives

For BPM software such as BPMapp developed by project500apps, you can highlight the goals and objectives which the organization set to achieve and how to actualize the goals and objectives. Most times, employees do not understand what they are charged to accomplish in an organization; they are confined to short-term goals and do not necessarily have a mechanism to check and guide them towards actualizing those goals. However, with the BPM software, every employee, department, and unit has their tasks spelled out, the procedures, and the goals they tend to achieve by completing that task. This brings about improved productivity in the business organization.

Better customer experience

All business organizations have their customers, and customer satisfaction is paramount. Customer satisfaction for small and mid-size businesses involves a lot, while large businesses already have a reputation, the small businesses are finding all means to ensure the customers are satisfied and also build their reputations too. These customers expect a better experience from the business organizations. BPM software helps you boost customer interaction – where tasks are dependent on each other – and make the customer experience a satisfactory one.

For customer service delivery that used to be done manually, such as resolving complaints by the customer service and responding to calls and queries lodged by the customer, the BPM software has made the task easier by substituting that process with chatbots and other digitized processes with little or no human interaction. With this, the customer complaints get solved in real-time and seamlessly.

Bottlenecks detection

Another reason why small and mid-size businesses should use BPM software is to detect administrative bottlenecks. Bottlenecks in business organizations are those phases that slow down tasks. They cause unnecessary delay and might frustrate the effort of the employee in charge of the job. However, they are avoidable. The BPM software ensures the processes are visualized and digitised, this makes it easy to detect the bottlenecks and eliminate them. Bottlenecks cause wastage of resources, effort and time.


Gerrard Hawken said “ Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them”

BPM software allows you to organize tasks, digitize your workflow, and collaborate between employees and team members.

There are some BPM software that can not be used in small and mid-size businesses. They have advanced features, tools, and prices beyond the reach and budget of small and medium scale businesses. It is therefore advisable to go for the BPMapps designed by project500apps as a result of its adaptability to any business type, suitable functions, and tools for Small and mid-size businesses, and its price friendly.






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